Keep Warm
Wonder Warmers®


Wonder Warmers® are reusable so you can use them daily to defend against the cold along with your gloves, hat and scarf. Wonder Warmers® take care of your hands, your wallet and the environment.

Working Outdoors

The perfect companion for construction and film crews, photographers, police officers, lifties, postmen, and anyone else who has to regularly brave the elements to bring home the bacon.


You have to be prepared to deal with whatever Mother Nature throws at you. Wonder Warmers® take care of you and Mother Nature at the same time.


Use the Medium Hand Warmers or XL Rectangle on the trail. At the end of the day spark up one of the larger pads to relax your sore muscles and heat up your sleeping bag before hitting the sack – Wonder Warmers® are the ultimate cuddle buddies.

Boating, kayaking, canoeing, rowing, skulling, fishing…

Since Wonder Warmers® are waterproof and instantly activated, they are the perfect companions for cruising the Thames, Charles, Colorado, Zambezi, etc. or reeling in the one that got away. Warm up your hands and improve circulation before the big race. Warmer hands = stronger hands = stronger strokes = victory.


Improve the circulation and sensitivity in your hands before that big putt. With Wonder Warmers® and Billy Baru you’ll be unstoppable on the greens. Guaranteed to take 4 strokes off your game (give or take 4 strokes).

Scuba diving and surfing (in wetsuits)…

Tuck Wonder Warmers® in your wetsuit. Placing one on your lower back is a great way to warm your body.

Lining pet beds / clothing

You’ve seen them shiver – fur only goes so far. Wonder Warmers® will keep the chill and red paint away.


Soothe Aches & Pains
Wonder Warmers®


Why waste thousands of dollars a year on disposable heat pads to treat chronic aches and pains? Reusable Wonder Warmers® are a great source of heat therapy on the go, which can save you lots of money.

Sore neck

For neck and shoulder pain, use the Neck & Shoulders Pad. If you have acute pain in a specific point in the neck you can use the XL Rectangle, Large Rectangle or Heart.


The Medium Hand Warmers or the Large Rectangle will take care of your digits while the larger pads are the way to go for bigger areas.

Muscle cramps

For small areas use the Large Rectangle. For larger areas use the larger pads. If you want to apply heat on the go, use the XL Rectangle + Adjustable Strap which can easily wrap around your waist, arm or leg.

Menstrual cramps

Your friend when dealing with your “friend”. If you want to apply heat on the go, use theXL Rectangle + Adjustable Strap which can easily wrap around your waist.

Growing pains

The larger pads are the way to go. Youngsters’ emotional growing pains are enough to deal with. Use the larger Wonder Warmers® to take care of the physical ones. .

Headaches & migraines

Wonder Warmers® can’t stop taxis from blaring their horns or bosses / spouses from hollering at you but they have been known to take the edge off the occasional related headache.


Relax Muscles
Wonder Warmers®

Facilitate circulation

All of the pads can facilitate circulation. The larger pads should be used for larger areas of the body. If you need to apply heat to your body when on the move use XL Rectangle + Adjustable Strap.

Warm up / down when exercising

Use these Wonder Warmers® to relax muscles before the big game. Wrap the Neck & Shoulders Pad around whatever area needs attention or use the XL Rectangle + Pouch & Strap Accessory for maximum effect.


Better than hot stones. You can activate them on the go. No need for special equipment to charge or sanitize. They are sanitized during the recharging process. Pre-set safe temperature.

Relieving stress

After a hard day at the office, wrap yourself in a Neck & Shoulders Pad to experience pure bliss – sunshine on your shoulders. Placing Wonder Warmers® on your lower back and on the back of your neck are also crowd pleasers.


Wonder Warmers®

Warming baby bottles

No microwave, no hot water, no electric outlet to warm your baby’s bottle? No problem! Wonder Warmers® can heat that bottle up anytime, anywhere.

Lining picnic baskets

Keep that tuna casserole toasty.

Melting ice

Thaw pipes.

Limbering up hands before playing musical instruments

Let your inner Mozart out. Limber up and facilitate circulation and sensitivity in your hands so that you can tickle the ivories like a master.

Raising veins

A great way to raise veins before injections.

Warm up steering wheels

The secret to Michael Schumacher’s success is talent, practice and a sweet ride (ok, well maybe they’re not secrets), but if he had Wonder Warmers® we bet he could shave a few seconds off the clock.

Warm up car seat

Keep your keester cozy on the road.

Stadium / arena seat warmer

When you’re not cheering on your feet give your some heat.


Great gifts for the holidays or to amaze your friends and family.

Say I love you

Nothing says I love you like a Wonder Warmer®. Flowers and furs are so passé. Give the gift that keeps on giving.


Note: Consult doctor before use if you have diabetes, heart disease, poor blood circulation, nerve problems / lack of sensitivity to heat, damaged skin, rheumatoid arthritis, are pregnant or plan to use to treat medical conditions.

Who Uses Wonder Warmers?

  • Miami Dolphins
  • LA Kings
  • Philadelphia Flyers
  • St. Louis Blues
  • Boston Bruins
  • Vancouver Canucks
  • Tampa Bay Lightning
  • Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Montreal Canadiens
  • Edmonton Oilers
  • Carolina Hurricanes
  • Colorado Avalanche
  • Washington Capitals
  • Calgary Flames
  • New York Islanders
  • Phoenix Coyotes
  • Nashville Predators…
  • …and many more!


Customer Testimonials

I am a young women (34) who lives with chronic pain due to Arthritis, Osteoporosis and many other health complications. I try my hardest to not have to take medicine especially pain killers. My boyfriend found your product in Eureka (@ a store called picky,picky,picky) and brought home the large rectangle back brace and wonderwarmer. I woke up this morning and with in 5 minutes of using it I was pain free in my hips and back. Thank you so much for providing this product.

-- P. Hyland