Activate and Use
  • Gently flex disk in liquid pad (i.e., not solid pad) back and forth so it goes from concave to convex until crystals begin to form. Do not bend or break disk.
  • Liquid will instantly crystallize and heat up to approx. 130°F (54°C).
  • Knead after activation to increase flexibility and heat.
  • Wrap in cloth and/or use over clothing if pad is too hot.
  • Insulate in a pocket, glove or wrap to prolong heat.


  • Wrap solid pad in cloth (to prevent contact with pot) then place in boiling water until ALL crystals melt (approx 5 – 12 min.). If any “crystals” remain in pad after boiling, apply pressure to them with a long spoon to break them up and/or boil for a few more minutes until they dissolve. If ALL crystals are not completely melted pad will become cloudy and crystallize by itself as it cools. Once recharged, remove from pot with tongs. Monitor process closely and do not over-boil.
  • Recharge within two weeks of use and store in liquid ready-to-use (“charged”) state when not in use.
  • Refrigerate to use as cold pack but do not freeze.

Please also read F.A.Q.s I Watch Wonder Warmers® Video


  • Discard if punctured.
  • Allow to cool after boiling (“recharging”) before use.
  • For EXTERNAL use only.
  • Consult doctor before use if you have diabetes, heart disease, poor blood circulation, nerve problems/lack of sensitivity to heat, damaged skin, rheumatoid arthritis, are pregnant or plan to use to treat medical conditions.
  • Do not use on bruises or swelling during the 48 hours following initial bruising or swelling.
  • Do not use on or give to individuals who cannot understand and follow these instructions properly.
  • Check for heat burns & blisters frequently. Stop use if found.


Who Uses Wonder Warmers?

  • Miami Dolphins
  • LA Kings
  • Philadelphia Flyers
  • St. Louis Blues
  • Boston Bruins
  • Vancouver Canucks
  • Tampa Bay Lightning
  • Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Montreal Canadiens
  • Edmonton Oilers
  • Carolina Hurricanes
  • Colorado Avalanche
  • Washington Capitals
  • Calgary Flames
  • New York Islanders
  • Phoenix Coyotes
  • Nashville Predators…
  • …and many more!


Customer Testimonials

I am a young women (34) who lives with chronic pain due to Arthritis, Osteoporosis and many other health complications. I try my hardest to not have to take medicine especially pain killers. My boyfriend found your product in Eureka (@ a store called picky,picky,picky) and brought home the large rectangle back brace and wonderwarmer. I woke up this morning and with in 5 minutes of using it I was pain free in my hips and back. Thank you so much for providing this product.

-- P. Hyland